Grŵp Dydd Gwyl Dewi Saint David's Day Group

Digital economy (ICT)

The St David’s Day Group of Universities leads on a number of research and innovation initiatives across Wales in the area of Digital economy including secure mobile and wireless communications, the creative industries, animation and gaming media production. The Group engages with businesses and industry to deliver solutions to real life problems.

Wales Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (WICN)

Although Wales may be small in size, its universities have developed three of the top psychology departments in Europe: The Universities of Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea. These three faculties, home to over 250 academics and researchers, have brought in approximately £11 million in grants in just the last three years.

The Welsh Assembly Government decided to build upon these strengths by investing over £5 million to establish the new multi-centre Wales Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (WICN). The institute draws together the three psychology faculties, with investment in a shared management structure, administrative support, and additional academic appointments, as well as equipment and technical support in order to grow as one institute, a world leader in the study and application of cognitive and clinical neuroscience. For information on the full range of WICN’s activities see

Research Institute of Visual Computing (RIVIC)

Visual computing represents one of the most challenging and inspiring arenas in computer science. Today, fifty percent of content on the internet is in the form of visual data and information, and more than fifty percent of the neurons in the human brain are used in visual perception and reasoning. RIVIC is the collaborative amalgamation of research programmes between the computer science departments in Aberystwyth, Bangor, Cardiff and Swansea Universities. Its aims are:

To find out more about RIVIC visit

High Performance Computing Wales (HPC Wales)

High Performance Computing Wales (HPC Wales) is a £40million five-year project to give businesses and universities involved in commercially focussed research across Wales access to the most advanced and evolving computing technology available. HPC Wales will invest in state-of-the-art computing technology, infrastructure and facilities on a pan-Wales basis, high level skills development and training and provide tailor made support services to business. The availability of this technology is set to have a major impact on the Welsh economy, on business competitiveness, on innovation, high value R&D in higher education institutions and skills development. It is set to create more than 400 jobs across key industry sectors. For further information please see